Decorative Concrete: The Jobsite Supply Stamped Concrete Program

Textured Driveway

Stamped concrete is a process that resembles natural building products with great detail. Stamped concrete can be designed with flagstone, slate, stone, brick, tile, or wood patterns and textures. With all of the textures and colors available, there are countless architectural design options for driveways, entries, pool decks, patios, walks, or anywhere concrete is poured. There is a significant cost savings for stamped concrete versus using natural building products. In addition, the durability and the architectural beauty have lead to an overwhelming increase in demand for stamped concrete projects.

As Indiana's leader in stamped concrete, Jobsite Supply brings the best products and innovation in the decorative concrete industry to our customers. We have all of your stamped concrete resources including training, tools, supplies, and technical support under one roof. We want to be your partner on your next stamped concrete project.

Before You Begin

All Brickform and Proline stamp tools are available to purchase. When purchasing a set of stamped concrete tools, there are a few things to consider.

  1. You can purchase any number of stamped concrete tools you want, however, we recommend you get enough stamps to make a 'bridge' across the slab plus one more to start the next row. For example if your concrete stamps are 2' wide and your slab is 15' wide, you should use 9 stamps (8 to go across and 1 to start the next row).
  2. In addition to the rigid concrete stamp, each pattern requires at least one 'floppy', which is the same size and pattern as the rigid, but thinner and without handles. The 'floppy' stamp is used when there is not enough room for the entire rigid stamp pattern (going up to forms, next to the house, tight spaces, etc.).
  3. You will also need at least one touch up skin per stamp pattern. A touch up skin has the same texture and is pliable like a 'floppy', but does not have grout lines. This is used for adding texture up against forms or adding texture to spots that did not get a good imprint from the stamp mats.
  4. Each stamp pattern that has grout joints requires a matching joint touch up wheel. When concrete squeezes up at the joint where the two stamps interlock, you use the touch up wheel to fix this while the concrete is still workable.
  5. A stamped concrete pounder or tamper is needed to imprint the stamps into the concrete. Always use a high quality shock absorbing pounder when stamping concrete. It will save a lot of strain on your back after a day of stamping. Also, never use a dirt tamper to imprint your stamp patterns. The edges can damage your concrete stamps and also leave 'birdbaths' in the concrete.

Stamp Rentals

We have the most popular patterns available for rental. Jobsite Supply cares about the quality of your stamped concrete project, so we made sure to include everything you need to do a good job. All of our stamp rentals include 6-9 stamps, floppy, pounder, touch up skin, and a touch up wheel. The rental rate is $200 for three days plus tax and a damage waiver. Stamp rentals are on a first come, first served reservation system.

Patterns Available For Rental (3.8MB, PDF)

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