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Jobsite Supply offers a complete line of safety equipment to meet your entire construction site needs. We can even offer a job startup checklist to help you get you job off to a smooth and start and stay compliant.

Guardrail & Debris Netting

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The Carnie Cap System


The Carnie Cap System is superior to any other rebar impalement protection available today. Unlike traditional rebar caps-which provide little or no impalement protection-the Carnie Cap System, when used properly, will withstand a 250 pound weight dropped from 10 feet without the rebar protruding.

The Carnie Cap is also less expensive than troughs. In fact, only two Carnie Caps are needed per each eight foot section. Plus, by eliminating injuries, installation time and inventory overhead, Carnie Caps not only protect workers, they can protect a company's bottom line.

Carnie Clamp

Putting A Cap On Costs

  • Economical
  • Packaged 100 per box for additional savings
  • Made of rugged, sturdy and reusable plastic
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Eliminates costs associated with injuries and downtime from rebar impalement

Cap Dangerous Rebar Ends

  • Available for use on 2" x 4"s and 2" x 6"s
  • its rebar sizes #3-#9 and #5-#18


  • Works in vertical, incline and horizontal applications
  • Uses only 2 caps per each 8 foot span*
  • Enables contractors to more efficiently use concrete blankets by utilizing the lumber as protective support so blankets do not become torn

*In California, double the thickness of the lumber and space no greater than 4 feet apart.

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Lighting & Electrical Products

Jobsite Supply carries a variety of jobsite electrical components from highly visible extension cords, locking extension cords, power distribution and lighting. All with jobsite and worker safety in mind.

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Signs & Cones

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Additional Safety Products

Safety Equipment
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