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Decorative Concrete: The Jobsite Supply Integral Color Program

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Integral color is an iron oxide pigment that is mixed inside the ready mixed truck to color the entire batch. The color produced is permanent and will not peel off or fade away. If the concrete ever chips or cracks, it will not be as noticeable as other concrete coloring methods because the entire slab is colored.

Jobsite Supply's liquid integral color system makes coloring concrete easy. Excellent customer service, superior expertise, and the fact that we keep every color in stock are the reasons Jobsite Supply is Indiana's leader in integral color. We work closely with your ready mix concrete provider. In fact, more ready mix concrete providers choose Jobsite Supply than any other supplier in the state. Ask your ready mix concrete provider about using Solomon integral color for your next decorative concrete project. Be sure to ask us about our full line of integral colors, hardeners and release agents.

*The colors shown are representations of the actual final color. Shade variations are likely and are subject to weather conditions during placement, concrete mix, additives and other factors. Jobsite Supply cannot guarantee the final outcome and appearance to be an exact match. We recommend a test pour for color and shade evaluation prior to final project usage.

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