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Forming & Shoring: EZ-Shore™

Shoring Systems Designed To Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Materials & Labor


Jobsite Supply provides a wide range of shoring systems that are engineered precisely to your structure and load requirements. Our Systems Approach is focused on providing the most efficient and cost effective system for the job. No two jobs are alike, so our versatile systems and multiple strategic alliances allow us to provide the most suitable solution for each project.


The key to our shoring solutions is our extensive project experience and our advanced design and engineering capabilities. All of our shoring solutions are designed to maximize efficiency, while reducing materials and labor.

Computer-generated shoring system drawings are produced for easy system execution and placement. We color code our drawings to provide the clearest drawings available anywhere.


Jobsite Supply's Concrete Shoring Systems are most suitable for:

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Tunnels
  • High shoring conditions (up to 40°)
  • Heavy, non-typical slab conditions
  • Parking decks
  • Temporary structural shoring
  • Multi-level structures (2-10 stories)
  • Floor shoring

Jobsite Supply's Shoring Systems include:

  • Conventional 10K / leg frame shoring
  • Aluminum 6' x 8' frame MAX system
  • Roll shoring - column and wall mounted
  • Steel fly truss
  • Modular post and pan deck system
  • Post shores
  • HICO expansible aluminum beams


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Shoring Example 12
Shoring Example 15

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