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Forming & Shoring: EZ-Radius™

For Tanks and Curved Walls


Jobsite Supply specializes in forms for tanks and curved walls. Our EZ-Radius™ system is designed specifically for these types of projects. Our fabrication process for assembling EZ-Radius™ panels creates a truer arc for virtually any desired radius.

Exclusive Pre-Built Forming Systems

The EZ-Radius™ and EZ-Gang™ forming systems are Jobsite Supply's exclusive pre-assembled systems. Our unique Field-Focused Approach to design, engineering and fabrication is similar to how you build panels in the field, but we use our proprietary techniques in a controlled environment to control quality and accuracy in a way that is nearly impossible to match in the field. Pre-assembled forming systems allow you to reduce labor by controlling unknown jobsite conditions. EZ-Radius™ offers many benefits:

  • The most complete pre-assembled form system on the market
  • Arrives "ready-to-use" via wide load carriers
  • Panels fabricated to any desired widths up to 24' and heights up to 36'
  • Highly accurate dimension control
  • Simple design with less components makes placement fast and easy
  • Integrates seamlessly with other form systems
  • Aluminum beam construction for lighter weight and greater dimensional accuracy
  • Greater weight-to-strength ratio than other forming systems
  • Constructed of the highest quality materials, including 14-ply Russian Birch facing, which provides an unsurpassed finish
  • Integrates easily with all fall protection devices and systems


EZ Radius Example 7
EZ Radius
EZ Radius Example 9
EZ Radius
EZ Radius Example 17
EZ Radius
EPG Example 5
EZ Radius (Custom)
CF Example 10
EZ Radius (Custom)

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